Unit 2

Unit 2 (參考"何誠-閱讀強迫取分")
Due to the fear of the reoccurrence of SARS, travelers
should read and consider the following before traveling
Effective immediately, travelers arriving from
Hong Kong, China, Canada, Singapore, and Thailand,
will be asked to voluntarily quarantine themselves.
The quarantine should last 14 days. During that time
they are required to stay inside at all times. Food or
necessities may be delivered to the house of the
quarantined. All visitors are required to wear quality
facemasks. Face shields and gloves are optional, but
not required. Visitors should avoid any close contact
with the quarantined. Windows should be left open
to allow fresh air to enter the house. Breaking of the
quarantine for non-emergency situations will
result in a fine of $70,000 and possible imprisonment.

If the quarantined develop a cough and a high fever
they are to call a doctor immediately. After calling the
doctor arrangements will be made to transport the
person to a hospital for further observation. Please
understand the importance of the above; it is for
the good of all of everyone. Thank you for your
cooperation and have a nice trip.

1.What is the travel advisory concerned about?...A. The safety of the citizens.
...B. The safety of people on airplanes.
...C. People coughing.
...D. Non-emergency situations.

2. The travel advisory is focusing on what kind of people?...A. People going on a trip.
...B. People returning from certain countries.
...C. People with SARS.
...D. People in hospitals.

3. What does quarantine mean?...A. Prepare someone to die.
...B. Arrest someone.
...C. Control someone.
...D. Isolate someone.

4. What are two symptoms of SARS?....A. Lack of movement. B. Rotting body parts.
....C. High fever and wheezing. D. Cough and a fever.

5. What is one country that is not on the quarantine list?....A. Hong Kong B. Singapore C. China D. Italy


詳解:1. reoccurrence 再發生
2. Effective 生效的
3. voluntarily quarantine 自願性隔離
4. last持續
5. at all times 一直
6. necessities 生活用品
7. the quarantined 被隔離者
8. facemask 面罩
9. shield 防護罩
10. optional 可選擇的
11. be left open 任由開著
12. fine 罰款
13. imprisonment 監禁
14. arrangement 安排
15. transport 運送
16. observation 觀察
17. good 權益
18. cooperation 合作

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