spend (花費)
be busy (忙於)
have trouble (…有困難)

have difficulty
have problems
take turns (輪流)
feel like (想要)
There is no (沒有…)----------------------------------need (…需要被…)
物 be worth (…值得….)
in addition to (除了…,還包括..)
look forward to (期待)
pay attention to (注意)
when it comes to (談到了…)
be used to (習慣於..)
be opposed to (反對….)
be devoted to (致力於…)

devote...to (致力於…)
be addicted to (沉迷於…)
thanks to (還好有….)

with a view to 為了
with an eye to 為了
----------------------------------1.Mary spent most of time practicing speaking

..English last night.

2.Mom is busy preparing our dinner.

3.Dad has trouble learning English.

4.We took turns driving the car on our way home.

5.In addition to being polite, John is also


6.We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

7.Students should pay attention to the teachers.

8.When it comes to exercise, it is the best way to

...keep healthy.

9. My sister is used to getting up late.

10.Mom is opposed to her studying abroad alone

11.He is addicted to smoking.

12.Thanks to John’s help, we can go to school on


13.Mother Teresa devoted all her life to helping

....poor people.

翻譯練習1. 我們的數學老師忙著準備新課程

2. 因為哥哥受傷了,爸媽輪流照顧他

3. 許多學生在學英文時遇到了許多困難

4. 約翰每週花三小時收聽英文節目

5. 談到英文,我哥哥精通英文

6. 除了英文,我哥哥還精通法文

7. 我們都期待暑假的到來

8. 外出時,我們要注意安全

9. 珍習慣於午飯後睡午覺

10. 瑪莉致力於照顧這些弱勢族群

11. 我們以前夏天常在河裡游泳

12. 我們反對邀請約翰參加這個會議

13. 週末時我寧願待在家裡也不願意出去

14. 提姆一生致力於教育學生

參考答案1. Our math teacher was busy preparing the new

2. My parents took turns looking after my brother

....as he was wounded. (或 taking care of)

3. Many students have much trouble learning

4. John spends three hours listening to English

...programs on the radio every week.

5. When it comes to English, my brother is good
....at it.

6. In addition to English, my brother is also good

....at French.

7. We all look forward to the summer vacation.

8. We should pay attention to our safety when

....we are out.

9. Jane is used to taking a nap after her lunch.

10. Mary is devoted to taking care of the weak.

11. We used to go swimming in the river in summer.

12. We objected to inviting John to the meeting.

13. I prefer staying home to going out on the weekend.

14. Tim is devoted to educating students.

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