Unit 4

Unit 4 (參考 翔宇-克漏字與閱讀測驗)

Some people have trouble falling asleep at night.
They often can't fall asleep until midnight, so it's
common for them to lie in the bed for hours before
sleeping. Because they don't have enough sleep, they
are easily tired in the day time. In addition, they
often don't feel like eating, for they are too tired to
have any appetite for eating. If the situation doesn't
change at all, the condition of their health will
become worse and worse. Actually, according to
many doctors, sometimes the reason why people
can't sleep at night is that they think too much
when they should take a rest. If they can relax
themselves before sleeping by listening to some
soft music or drinking some milk, they will fall
asleep more easily. Most importantly, they
shouldn't think about anything heavy when they
lie on the bed.

1. People who have trouble falling asleep at night

...(A)often feel excited because they only sleep one
...hour a day (B)get tired easily because they don’t
...have enough sleep (C)don’t like sleeping because
...their beds are not comfortable (D)should go to
....see a doctor because they are seriously illed
2.The health condition of this kind of people will

...become worse and worse because ____.
...(A)they fall asleep easily when they are working,
...but they work too hard when they should sleep
...(B)they sleep less and less, and less, and finally
...they don’t sleep at all (C)they don’t have enough
...sleep, which makes them lose their ap-petite
...(D)they think about too many serious things
...before sleeping
3.If people want to fall asleep more easily, they can

...(A)drink some milk or listen to some soft music
...to calm down a little (B)have some soft drink or
...listen to some rock music to relax themselves
...(C)think about something heavy when they lie
...on the bed (D)do some housework before going
...to bed.



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