Unit 5

Unit 5 (參考"何誠-閱讀強迫取分")

Effective March 25th 2008, according to
Ordinance number 12345, all employees in Taipei
will be required to wash his or her hands thoroughly
with soap and water after using the bathroom and
touching money. The above law was passed due to
the increasing concern of the spreading of diseases.
These diseases include the flu, the common cold,
and SARS.
Employees that do not wash their hands, no excuses,
will be fined and banned from working in food
department for one year. As the owner and manager
of this restaurant, I know that I can count on all of
you to comply. I do not want to lose any workers
because you are valuable to the restaurant and me.
Thank you for your time and support.



1. Who is the manager and owner?
A. Paulina B. The government C. The employees
D. God

2. What is the notice about?
A. Saving money. B. Hate groups. C. Washing hands
D. Spreading peanut butter.

3. Which of the following was not mentioned in the
A. SARS B. The flu
C. The Plague D. The common cold

4. From the article we can feel that:
A. The owner hates the employees. B. The owner is a
tough guy. C. The owner likes gold. D. The owner
likes the employees.

5. What will happen to workers that break the rule?
A. They will be arrested. B. They will be fines.
C. They will be killed. D. They will be hung until dead.



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