Unit 2

Unit 2 (參考文鶴-Ready for Reading)

Paris is a quite special place. It’s one of Europe’s
oldest cities. People first lived there more than
2,000 years ago.
These days, most people like it because of many
different reasons. Lovers and young people think
it’s a very romantic place. They like to walk along
the Seine River and drink coffee in small coffee
shops. Artists find many interesting things to paint.
Tourists love shopping and going to famous places,
like the Eiffel Tower,the Louvre Museum and
Versailles Palace.History lovers enjoy walking down
old streets and seeing the beautiful buildings.
Paris is not a cheap city. Hotels, food, and other
things are expensive.
Still there’s something funny about that.In Paris,
people really have a wonderful time.Therefore, they
don’t mind spending a lot of money!

1. What would be a good title?

A: A City for Everyone.
B: Romantic Rivers of Europe.
C: The History of Paris.
D: The Coffee Shops of Paris.

2. The Seine River _____.
A: does not go through Paris
B: is a nice place to take a walk
C: is next to the Eiffel Tower
D: is not a popular place

3. Which of the following is true about Paris?
A: People started living there 200 years ago.
B: Only older people enjoy visiting the city.
C: Hotels are cheap.
D: It is popular with many kinds of people.

4. A” history lover”_____.
A: is a person from the past
B: likes to learn about history
C: is a romantic lover
D: would not enjoy Paris

5. Paris is expensive and _____.
A: boring B: unpopular C: fun D: empty


the Eiffel Tower 艾菲爾塔
the Louvre Museum 羅浮宮
the Versailles Palace 凡爾賽宮

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