Unit 3

Unit 3 (參考翔宇-克漏字與閱讀測驗)

Mary is a high school student. She had a dream last
night. She dreamed that she sat for an exam, but she
forgot how to write her name. Later, she found that
her pens were all gone, and people sitting beside her
wrote their answers on the paper really fast. Mary
became very nervous; she didn’t know what to do.

Finally, she cried, and then she found it was only
a dream. When her sister heard about this, she
knew Mary worried too much. Mary had been the
best in her class for two years, but when she
thought of the entrance exam for college, she
felt uncertain.

Her sister invited her to go shopping on the
weekend to help her forget that dream. They
bought new clothes and had ice cream. Mary
said to her sister that she felt better now and
she shouldn’t worry about that exam too much.

1.What happened in Mary’s dream?

(A)She missed the entrance exam for college because
.....she didn’t remember her name.
(B)She had a lot of trouble when she went in for an
(C)People wrote faster than she in an exam, and so
.....she failed.
(D)She cried too much before an exam, so she forgot
......her name.

2.According to the text, why did Mary have such a
(A)She was very nervous because she had been the
.....last in her class for two years.
(B)She felt unsure when she had to be with other
....people in a room during the exam.
(C)She was a very good student in school, and she
....was worry that she might fail in the entrance
(D)She was worried about her name and her pens.

3.What did Mary and her sister do on the weekend

...to relax them-selves?
(A)They went to buy themselves new clothes and eat
....ice cream.
B)They bought some new shoes in a new department
.....store for their mother.
(C)They made some ice cream at home.
(D)They went window shopping in order to save some
.....money for ice cream.

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