Unit 3

Unit 3 (參考 翔宇-克漏字與閱讀測驗)

Because there are not many natural resources in the
island country, people there are always reminded by
the government to save electricity. People make it a
rule to turn off lights when they don’t use them.
Furthermore, they don’t turn on air-conditioners
unless it is hot. Small families often choose small
cars and small refrigerators in order to save energy.
Of course, the most economical way is to do things
by hand for themselves. Actually, people there enjoy
doing things by themselves because they think it’s
a good chance for them to get some exercise. For
instance, they usually climb the stairs instead of
taking an elevator.

1. In an island country, usually there are _____.

(A)a lot of natural resources
(B)many opportunities to take exercise
(C)not many natural resources
(D)too many people but too little energy
2.According to the text, in order to save electricity,
people in this country ________.
(A)are used to turning off unnecessary lights
(B)used to turn off unnecessary lights
(C)get into the habit of turning off lights when they
....need to use them
(D)are accustomed to turn off unnecessary lights

3.According to the text, people there love to do
things by hand for themselves because _____.
(A)it’s the best way to become healthy     
(B)they are told by the government to save energy
(C)they prefer taking an elevator to climbing stairs
(D)they make use of the opportunity to take some


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