Unit 6

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Unit 6 (參考"翔宇-克漏字與閱讀測驗" )

Americans are famous for dieting. They spend a
lot of money on food, but then spend much more on
diet programs that help them lose weight. Actually,
most diet programs rarely work and often are
unhealthy. Still, because Americans put too
much emphasis on the“perfect body,” many people
who are only slightly overweight feel they are too fat.
Of course, the Americans concern about being
overweight is not just a matter of fashion. Many
people want to lose some weight because they want
to become more healthy. It is true that fatness
can cause serious health problems, and among them
is the number one killer of Americans:exercise
regularly and eat less. When eating less, it becomes
very important to choose proper foods. Foods that
are fried and oily must be avoided in favor of
vegetables and fruit.

1.Which of the following statements is Not true?
(A)Americans overemphasize the “perfect body.”
(B)Most diet programs are unhealthy but they really
(C)Americans are well-known for dieting.
(D)Heart disease is the number one killer of

2.According to the text, what might be the best way to
lose weight? (A)Work properly. (B)Eat more.
(C)Exercise regularly (D)Drink less.

3.Which of the foods should people try not to eat?
...(A) carrots (B) bananas (C) milk

...(D) fried chicken







1.are famous for 以..聞名
=are well-known for

2.rarely work 很少有效

3.put too much emphasis on 太強調...

4.overweight 過重

5.lose ... weight 減重

6.in favor of 支持 ; 贊同

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