98-綜合測驗The Republic of China Consumer Voucher is an economic stimulus package. The vouchers are distributed to every R.O.C. citizen born before March 31st, 2009
 __26__ holds valid household registrations. The purpose of these vouchers is to halt the economic downturn in Taiwan __27__ due to the global financial crisis. The vouchers could be picked up either at voucher-distribution stations on January 18th or at designated post offices between February 7th and April 30th. On the early morning of January 18th, people __28__ standing in long lines waiting to receive the vouchers, as they were __29__ do some shopping with the vouchers.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, 91.3 percent of the people picked up their vouchers on January 18th, __30__ than the voting rate of 76.4 percent in the presidential election held last March. The vouchers may be used to buy just about any item in Taiwan; __31__, they cannot be used to get lottery tickets or plastic surgeries. For __32__ still unsure of how to do with their vouchers, some councilors suggested that the public __33__ the vouchers to charity. They said the NT$ 3,600 might be an unimportant amount for the rich, but could make a difference to disadvantaged families.





voucher 禮券;商品兌換單 stimulus 刺激(物)

valid 合法的 household registration 戶政登記

halt 遏止…… economic downturn 經濟衰退

global 全球性的 crisis 危機

designate 指定;任命 voting rate 投票率

presidential election 總統大選 lottery ticket 樂透彩券

plastic surgery 整型手術 councilor 議員

charity 慈善團體 disadvantaged (因貧苦)處於困境的

( C ) 26. (A) when (B) what (C) who (D) which

【解析】按文意推斷,應使用修飾「人」的關係代名詞 who,界定前面所提的先行詞 every R.O.C. citizen。

( B ) 27. (A) absolute (B) mainly (C) daily (D) appropriate

【翻譯】(A) 完全的 (B) 主要地 (C) 每天的 (D) 適合的

【解析】除了 (B) 為副詞外,其他選項均為形容詞,無法修飾介系詞片語 due to the global financial crisis。

due to + sth./sb. 由於……

( C ) 28. (A) find (B) found (C) were found (D) who were found

【解析】這個子句缺少動詞,並由語意「民眾被發現……」得知,應選被動語態 were found。

( A ) 29. (A) eager to (B) similar to (C) look forward to (D) thanks to

【翻譯】(A) 渴望…… (B) 與……相似 (C) 期待…… (D) 多虧……

【解析】(be) eager to + V … 渴望做…… look forward to + V-ing 期待……

( D ) 30. (A) which is high (B) is more high (C) is higher (D) higher

【解析】原為 which is higher than the voting rate …,在此省略關係代名詞及Be動詞。(A)錯誤,than的前面應使用形容詞比較級。(B) high的比較級是字尾 + er,不是前面加 more,(C) 少了關係代名詞 which。

( B ) 31. (A) for instance (B) however (C) sometimes (D) therefore

【翻譯】(A) 例如 (B) 然而 (C) 有時候 (D) 因此


( D ) 32. (A) those who (B) who (C) people who (D) those

【解析】原為 For those who are still unsure of ….,但同樣省略關係代名詞及Be動詞。those表示 those people。(A) 與 (C) 錯誤均因為缺少Be動詞。(B)則是缺少先行詞與 Be動詞。

( A ) 33. (A) donate (B) donating (C) to donate (D) is donating

【解析】S suggest + that S (should) + 原形V 建議……

suggest、advise、recommend 等動詞若接 that子句,子句的動詞均用原形,是省略助動詞 should 的緣故。

Mount Kilimanjaro, located in Tanzania about 220 miles south of the equator in a very hot region, is the tallest mountain in all of Africa. __34__ its location, there are many glaciers and ice fields high up on the mountain. The ice cap was important to the surrounding area and it’s also a source of water for the river Nile. Many villages in the Mount Kilimanjaro region __35__ the snow and ice melt water.

The appearance of Mount Kilimanjaro is changing. Scientists say that more than 80 percent of its glaciers __36__ since 1912. As a result, animals on the plains surrounding the mountain are now dying and many plant species are also in danger. People are beginning to wonder how long it will be before the mountain __37__ its snowy white cap. Why is this happening? Some scientists think that the hot weather in this tropical region makes the effects of global warming even worse. For example, the snow melts faster here __38__ in cooler parts of the world. __39__ believe forest reduction on Kilimanjaro may be the strongest human influence on glacial recession. Forest fires, often caused by honey collectors trying to smoke bees out of their hives, __40__ the air temperature and lower the level of water in the air. These changes cause less snow to fall in the area. Scientists now believe that the mountain’s glaciers may be totally gone by the year 2020.





locate 位於 equator 赤道

region 地區 glacier/glacial 冰河/冰河的

surrounding 周圍的 melt 融化;溶解

appearance 外觀 as a result 結果

species (動植物等)種類 tropical 熱帶(地方)的

global warming 全球暖化 forest reduction 森林面積縮小

recession 退卻,後退 hive 蜂窩

( D ) 34. (A) Because of (B) Spite (C) Even though (D) Despite

【翻譯】(A) 因為…… (B) 惡意 (C) 即使 (D) 儘管

【解析】逗點之前無主詞動詞故應為片語,由名詞 location 判斷,應填介系詞,故 (B)、(C) 不符;又本句的「冰河」、「冰原」與前句提及的「熾熱地區」成對比,故選 (D)。

( B ) 35. (A) belong to (B) depend on (C) hear from (D) figure out

【翻譯】(A) 屬於 (B) 依賴 (C) 得到……的消息 (D) 了解


( B ) 36. (A) melted (B) have melted (C) is melting (D) will have melted

【解析】看到 since 就知道句型一定會使用到完成式。又依句意得知,冰河自一九一二年到目前為止已經融化了八成,故選現在完成式。

( C ) 37. (A) will lose (B) has lost (C) loses (D) will have lost

【解析】before引導的子句,以現在式代替未來式的情況,故選 (C)。

( A ) 38. (A) than it does (B) as it is (C) so did they (D) than they are

【解析】由副詞比較級 faster 判斷,後應接 than …。選項 (A) 的 it 是指 the snow;does 指的是 melts,為避免重複,用 does 代替。

( C ) 39. (A) Another (B) The other (C) Others (D) The others

【解析】Some …. Others ….「一些……,其他的……」為固定用法。

( D ) 40. (A) rise (B) arise (C) arouse (D) raise

【翻譯】(A)(太陽等)上升 (B) 發生;出現 (C) 喚醒…… (D) 提高;增加

【解析】(A) 與 (D) 同指「提高」,「上升」,但 (A) 為不及物動詞。air temperature 為受詞,應選及物動詞 (D)。
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